Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured
Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured

Big Old Map of London by C&J Greenwood, 1830 - Handcoloured

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This is one of the finest, rarest and most beautiful maps of London. This first edition map of London by C&J Greenwood in 1830 has been lovingly restored by the Unique Maps Co. It is shown here with its original handcolouring, which perfectly highlights each of the ancient boroughs of central London.

This map can be printed at massive sizes up to 10 meters wide (33 feet). It can be customised to fit your space, or to focus on a particular part of London - I can make the map wider, narrower, taller, shorter. Please get in touch with me to discuss your needs.

At 150cm wide, the map is 100cm tall. At 200cm wide, it's 130cm tall. (The aspect ratio is 1.5 to 1.)

Originally printed in 6 sheets, this is probably the prettiest of all old London maps. By the 1830s many of London's famous landmarks already exist - but some, like the Royal Albert Hall and all of the museums in South Kensington wouldn't be built until Victorian times a few decades later.

I can personalise this map with a short message that will be permanently added to the map. It will look exactly like an original part of the map - the perfect addition to make this a truly Unique Map. See the fifth listing image for an example of personalisation, or read my Map Personalisation page to learn more.

My large maps are perfect for hotels, pubs, bars and offices - but if you have a large space at home, then they would look amazing there as well!

I can also make you a smaller, customised Greenwood map of London if you don't have space for the full map, or if you're looking for a housewarming or leaving gift.

You may also want to see my other large maps of London (I have a few!)

My standard frame is a black wood frame. It is simple and quite modern looking. On maps up to 36 inches (91cm) the frame is 2cm (0.75in) wide. I use thicker frames on larger maps - usually between 35 and 60mm (1.4in to 2.4in).

In all cases I use super-clear museum-grade acrylic (perspex/acrylite) for the frame glass. It's lighter and safer than glass - and it looks better, as the reflectivity is lower.

All frames are provided "ready to hang", with either a string or brackets on the back. Very large frames will have heavy duty hanging plates and/or a mounting baton. If you have any questions... always get in touch!

If you want a different frame colour or material, click "customise your frame" before adding it to your basket. Learn more about my custom framing and mounting/matting.

Alternatively, I can also supply old map on canvas, foam board, cotton rag and other materials.

If you want to frame your map yourself, please read my map size guide first.


For most orders, delivery time is about 3 working days. Personalised orders can take longer, as I have to do the personalisation and send it to you for approval, which usually takes a day or two.

As Christmas draws closer, please take a look at my Christmas delivery deadlines.

Please note that for larger framed orders (over 40in/100cm), and some other framed sizes, the delivery time will be closer to 7-10 days.

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My maps are extremely high quality reproductions of original maps.

I source original, extremely rare maps from libraries, auction houses and private collections around the world, restore them at my London workshop, and then use specialist giclée inks and printers to create beautiful maps that look even better than the original.

My maps are printed on acid-free archival matte (not glossy) paper that feels very high quality and almost like card. In technical terms the paper weight/thickness is 10mil/190gsm. It's perfect for framing.

I print with Epson ultrachrome giclée UV fade resistant pigment inks - some of the best inks you can find.

Please contact me if you're looking for a print on canvas or cotton rag.

Learn more about how the Unique Maps Co. sources and restores old maps

Map personalisation

If you want to make your old map really unique, I am able to personalise your map with a short message, for example:

- "Happy birthday, Ben! From Mum & Dad"

- "To My Beloved. Let's Explore The World Together!"

This message will be added to the map in such a way that it looks just like a real part of the map.

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I use a unique process to restore my maps that is massively time consuming and labour intensive. Hunting down the original maps can take months. I use state of the art and eye-wateringly expensive technology to scan and restore the maps. As a result, I guarantee my maps are a cut above the rest - that's why I can offer a no-quibble refund.

Almost all of my maps look amazing at large sizes (200cm, 6.5ft+) and I can frame and deliver them to you as well, via special oversized courier. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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