Aged maps

I have been asked hundreds of times over the years by customers if they could buy a map that looks even older

Well, now you can, by selecting Aged before you add a map to your basket.

Here's the difference between Original and Aged maps.


This is what the map actually looks like today, after it has been restored by The Unique Maps Co. When you are looking at a map on my shop, you are looking at the "original" form.

Original is the safest option. All of my maps look amazing in their Original form.


The map will look like it's about 200 years old, with some yellowing, toning and damaged to the map.

I will age your map by hand, using a special and unique process developed through years of studying old maps, talking to researchers to understand the chemistry of aging paper, and of course... lots of practice!

Please see below for some examples of what my aged maps look like.

Here's Charles Booth's Inner Western District Poverty Map.

And here's the magnificent Roman Empire map by Perthes & Kampen from 1889.

Roman Empire 1889 original and sepia

And here's one of my personalised postcode maps.

Personalised map in original vs. sepia colour tone

Here's John Speed's map of the Anglo-Saxon Viking Heptarchy.

John Speed Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy map, original and aged

 And here's another nice map, the first map of Wales by Christopher Saxton.

Wales by Saxton, original and aged

And finally, here's Gleason's flat earth map.

As always, if you have any questions, or want your map customised in a particular way, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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